1402996823The summit of Himmelbjerget rises 147 m above sea level. The landscape is shaped after the last Ice Age, when the glacial streams under the ice excavated the stratum of the earth and created the hills and valleys. The lake Julsø is situated at the foot of Himmelbjerget in a glacial stream valley – a so-called sub glacial stream trench. The terrain around the Himmelbjerget is kept clear of tree growth in order to set off the special terrain forms and the amazing view. Himmelbjerget is situated in a well-wooded area with hikes through the forests to both Silkeborg and Ry. The area around Himmelbjerget and Ry offers varied natural scenery, which you can enjoy on foot or by bicycle; beech forests, ranges of hills, valleys and lakes – and naturally, the river Gudenåen, which winds through the landscape.